The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg

Written in first person, but four different characters are involved.  Each gives their own first person narrative.  In this manner, the limited view of first person can be exploited and its limitations overcome.  With four points of view you get a form of omniscience.  Just in this technique alone, I would recommend people to read the novel.  Although written in 1971, the story reads well for the contemporary world.  It is a period piece but not an outdated one. The story is about gender preference and the discovery of self in twenty somethings.  Of course, sex is involved.  Death too.  It is called The Book of Skulls.  A cult thus is involved, but not in a typically predictable way.  Defying the norm is a main point too.  It is a character study too of the four guys just becoming adults.  They are normal guys with good and bad traits.  Discovering those traits and their interactions is the story.  It is a worthwhile read.